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Randy Regan

“A&C Management was able to get us away from our expensive health care plans with the PEO and helped us save almost $150,000! Now we actually have better quality healthcare at a much more affordable price. On top of these saving we have been able to save time by outsourcing our HR and admin work, letting us focus on the parts of our business that really matter”

Nannette Ingrao Conners

“A&C Management is more than just our insurance broker. They truly care about our business which lets us know that they will continue to work to get us the best rates and benefits. A&C Management was extremely helpful in guiding us through the process of finding the right plan for our company. They are always just a phone call away, are extremely attentive, and will always help us with everything from claims, billing, and any other issue we may have.”

Anna Maria Siegel

“Being a business of just 70 employees, we never imagined being able to get the Fortune 500 benefits A&C management was able to broker for us. We’ve saved a tremendous amount of time and money, have a great HR representative, and the large group benefits have been instrumental in our recruiting process.”