Corporate Health Services

Embracing a comprehensive approach of your companies’ long & short term goals



Health Insurance

Health insurance is an essential benefit that can make your company attractive to potential employees. We will work with you to figure out a plan that provides the best coverage at an affordable cost. A&C Management Group has great working relationships with many of the biggest insurers and are thus able to get your company extremely competitive rates. We take the burden off you by running cost-benefit analyses on numerous quotes until we find a plan that satisfies your company’s needs. Through years of experience we have generated creative strategies to cut your premium and deductible costs, which will be discussed further in your free consultation.

Dental Insurance

Dental care is an important aspect of teaching health benefits for employees. Like health care, our professionals work with you to provide the proper dental care plan that benefits your employees and considers your financial concerns. We offer both traditional and DHMO plans that can be offered on a voluntary or employer paid basis.

Vision Care

Choosing the right group vision care for your employees is similar to dental and health care. You want to pick an insurance program that benefits both your employees and your company. Some factors to consider before choosing your vision plan are what services your vision care plan will provide and the physicians that accept your vision plan. A&C Management makes sure to find the plan that fits with specific need of the company and its employees.

Group Long Term Care Insurance

Help provide future financial security for your employees. Group long term insurance ensures that you are your employees will be cared for with any long term health issues they might encounter later in life. By providing Long Term Care Insurance on a group basis you may enjoy discounted rates and simplified underwriting. A&C Management can help you determine if Long Term Care insurance may be right for your company.

Disability Income Insurance

Our professionals will work with you to ensure that every person is financially protected through disability income insurance. In the case of serious illness or injury, disability insurance will provide income replacement and prevent significant financial loss for you or your employees.

Group Life Insurance

The proper life insurance options will help give each employee peace of mind as they know their family will be financially secure. These plans serve as a great resource to help attract top talent for your business.

Key Man Insurance

Key Man Insurance is when a company purchases life insurance for employees whose absence would cause significant revenue loss for the company. We advise our clients to consider the significant impact a loss would have on the stability and profitability of the company. A&C Management works with our clients to produce the best policy for your company.

Buy-Sell Funding

At A&C Management, we encourage our clients to protect their companies and assets by insuring against the death or disablement of a partner with Buy-Sell Funding insurance. This allows each partner to be insured for their value in the business providing funds to buy out the partners share if disabled or the beneficiary in the case of death. The able working or surviving partner(s) will thus retain full ownership of the business. A&C Management’s team will help protect against the current and future value of your business.

Corporate Services and Group Benefits

A&C Management Group is dedicated to the proposition that concerted intelligence, relevant experience and independent analysis. Our corporate services and group benefits make all the difference in the financial preparedness of your company. We embrace a comprehensive approach that includes your company’s long and short term goals and combines them with market trends.

Our corporate services and group benefits recommendations and strategies will help you to make educated choices that build a foundation for the growth and protection of your company and employees. At A&C Management Group, we strive to help you make sure your corporate services and executive benefits are well kept so your company and employees can grow.


A&C Management Group, LTD. is here to help. If you have any questions regarding our employee benefits, corporate services, or anything else please contact us. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.